Improving the community "1" individual at time!


Capital City Community Services LLC (C.APCITYCSS is a community solution-focused counseling, provider with therapeutic transitional support  and educational services, consisting of assessments, Return-to-duty evaluations, solution-focused treatment, for client-centered coordination of care, wrap-around services, and educational services. (CAPCITYEDU), is the partnering educational provider which provides a variety of support services and educational classes to empower, rehabilitate, and maintain the communities' residences quality of life. 

Practicing and Potential Human Services Providers are able to review the available educational courses at CAPCITYEDU.  The various educational courses offered at CAPCITYEDU are Polysubstance Abuse, Use and or Addiction education, Driving Improvement, Anger Management, and First-Aid, CPR (Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation), with many more  support services and educational courses to come.

Community residents are able to request services or explore our resource page of services and submit an inquiry form for assistance. All referral inquiries will receive feedback within 24 hours. 

Therapeutic transitional support services/ referrals provided by CAPCITYCSS are behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse, use, and or addiction treatment, medication assistance treatment, and polysubstance educational services.