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Anger ManagementCapital City Community Services Anger Management program provides life
coping strategies for adolescents, adults, partners, and families, aiding in individualized self-governance. The concentrated program focuses on the biological, psychological, and sociological stimulants, which trigger behavioral responses of anger. Upon the completion of the course, the successful you will possess the fundamental techniques and knowledge of individualized aggressive behavior illustrating self-governance.

Solution-Focused Counseling ServicesRegardless of your individual needs one on one counseling, group counseling, treatment services, or educational insight on the coping strategies and skills to live a healthier and conscious life. Capital City Community Services can provide polysubstance, mental and behavioral health referrals, clinical / counseling services and education for your individualized need.

Substance Abuse (SA) & Employee Assistance (EA) Education and Counseling With the day-to-day challenges and stressors, the
misuse and abuse of mind-altering poly-substances  (alcohol, narcotics, and/or all other illegal substances) are apart
of the communities’ everyday human challenges. Whether an individual needs one-on-one counseling, group counseling or educational insight on the coping strategies and skills to live a healthier and conscious life, Capital City Community Services can provide counseling services for your individualized need.

Clinical Education  With the increase use and abuse of mind-altering substances contributing and or defining the mental instabilities and behavioral challenges within society.  Educated, apathetic, and dedicated providers are minimal requiring the influx need of educational units and continual educational units to aid anticipated substance abuse and mental health professionals, in the journey of credentialing to become apart of a substance abuse and addiction provider network. Capital City Community Services is an educational provider designed to meet the human services provider(s) and anticipated provider(s) needs with an awareness of the poly-substance epidemic. Each course is designed in a Learning Management System (LMS) requiring a device with access to the Internet, allowing individualized access and pace for successful completion of each course.

The peaks and valleys of life may have you in a place of confusion and misunderstanding of who you are.

Capital City Community Servicesis here to provide you assistance and guidance for clarity. Contact us today if you need help during your challenging time.