Improving the community "1" individual at time

Improving the community "1" individual at time!


With the increase use and abuse of illicit substances contributing and or defining the
mental instabilities and behavioral challenges within society.  Educated, apathetic, and dedicated providers are minimal requiring the influx need of educational units and continual educational units to aid anticipated substance abuse and mental health professionals, in the journey of credentialing to become apart of a substance abuse and addiction provider network. Capital City Community Services is an educational provider designed to meet the human services provider(s) and anticipated provider(s) needs with an awareness of the polysubstance epidemic. Each course is designed in a Learning Management System (LMS) requiring a device with access to the Internet, allowing individualized access and pace for successful completion of each course.

CAPCITYEDU is an APPROVED  certification board educational provider with the following available courses: 

​      Online Courses                                          Continual Educational Units 

The Origin of Opium:                                             2hrs

The Neurobiology of Opium                                   2hrs

Heroic Heroin                                                         2hrs

Polysubstances & You                                            2hrs

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) 101                2hrs

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures            2hrs

and Compliance