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We specialize in the following Clinical and Community Support services 

All consultations are confidential

          Clinical Services                                                                    Community Services

                Substance Abuse Professional  (DOT-SAP) Evaluations                                        Driving Improvement Online Course

                Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Nuclear Regulatory Commission Evaluations    Anger Management Counseling 

                Clinical Counseling / Education                                                                               Career Counseling Counseling      
                Employee Assistance / EA Services                                                                         Solution-Focused Counseling        

                Pre-Employment Assessment / Evaluation                                                             Partnership Referral  Program

                Drug Testing: DOT / NON-DOT Pre-Employment                                                       

                                        DOT / NON-DOT  Post-Accident    

                                        DOT / NON-DOT   Random

                                        DOT / NON-DOT Return-To-Duty

                                        DOT / NON-DOT Follow-up

                                        NON / DOT Alcohol Drug Test 





Capital City Community Services LLCis a human services solution-focused assessment and counseling speciality entity which provides a variety of resources to rehabilitate, educate, and enhance the communities’ quality of life. 
From nurturing a life to educating a life
Capital City Community Services
universal goal is to assist and educate the community seeking
assistance and insight